Tisk Žnidarič, d. o. o.
Laze 7
4000 KRANJ 

Iztok Žnidarič, Andreja Žnidarič 
tel.: 04 270 20 00

mobile: 041 324 003
tel.: 04 270 20 00
e-mail: tajnistvo@tisk-znidaric.si  
or andreja.znidaric@tisk-znidaric.si

About us

We are a family business with rich experience and a 30-year tradition. We are known not only for the high quality of our printing services but also as a leading calendar manufacturer among printing houses in Slovenia.

Our company is distinguished by quality, flexibility towards customer delivery needs, diversity of our offer, and good availability of all the products throughout the year.

Our up-to-date equipment and qualified professional employees enable us to offer a complete line of unique holiday products. Tell us your wishes and we will find a solution to transform them into chic printed products.

Contact us and share your ideas. We will listen carefully, answer your questions, and prepare an information offer.