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Offset printing is a printing technique using two cylinders as a press. Inked image is transferred from the printing plate on one cylinder to another offset cylinder that transfers the image on the printing surface. No high temperatures are involved in this procedure, which allows it to be used on paper of different weights and qualities. We print finished products to paper size B1 (27.8x39.4 in) or products for further treatment (plastic coating, cutting, folding, laminating, numerating, varnishing …). In order to please increasingly demanding customers and market, we use top-quality printing machines by HEIDELBERG: 4-colour machines Speedmaster SM 102 and Speedmaster SM 74. Paper size is B1 and B2, paper weight 50-450 g/m².

Advantages of offset printing

Due to the speed and quality of printing, the offset technique is one of the top printing techniques. Incredibly high definition, affordability at large print volumes, and high speed of printing on all paper sizes are the advantages of the technique, usefully applied for the most demanding printed material.

Offset printing products

We print newspapers, brochures, catalogues, books, pamphlets, calendars, promotional folders, promotional gift bags, posters, stickers, different forms, notepads, business cards ...

HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 102
4- or 5-color printing machine

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